Thursday, June 24, 2010

studio tour no. 062410

Just a few words to describe this week in the studio: shipping, kilning, planning, ordering, designing, making and putting online-ing (?!). A little bit of everything it takes to make things go here. I also started, just started, to think about making 2011 version of my calendar. I sort of can't breathe when I think about undertaking that task (printing, shipping, stocking), but I know I might have a small riot if there's nothing there for 2011. [Insert complete obsession with the people who love any of the things I make here.] So the thoughts have started stirring, friends.

For you lovely retail shoppers out there, re-orders have been shipped to Delphinium (memphis, tn), New Twist (eugene, or) and some new orders shipped to Universal Direct, a catalog company. Shop away!


  1. ummm i LOVE your calendar!! sign me up for your 2011 version....i know it will be AMAZING! :)

  2. i use your calendar every day:)