Friday, June 25, 2010

what to wear no. 062510

I have a quiet Charlottesville weekend coming up, I do believe. Cute Husband is away for a bachelor gathering and with all of the power out across town from the storm yesterday, there might not be a ton a'happening. Which, honestly, is just fine with me. I'm more than happy to curl up on a couch with a book. Tonight I'm making pizza for my family that's in town from out, followed quickly by a small gal's night at Mas. Tomorrow the day is wide open spaces for me - probably going to do a little gym, a little farmers market, a little hanging with the family, a little church, and a little library. I still don't have a card for the library here and that's on the top of my agenda this weekend. Kind of a boring weekend to some, I guess, but the quiet weekends are just as much of a treasure as the busy and full ones. At least to me. Excited to get to relax a bit - let's hope I don't wind up just working...which will probably end up happening.

Oh, ps, I know what you're thinking - coral top, Lol?! Never. But really and truly I wore a shirt almost just like this last week and I think I might officially add coral to the navy blue, cream, and gray color scheme I have going on in life. It's a start, friends, it's a start.

coral top | bootcut jeans | yellow shoes | laurel denise imagine cuff | laurel denise dream cuff

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