Wednesday, July 14, 2010

tour de gift show

I leave tonight to head to Atlanta for the Atlanta Gift Show (I'll be with the Simblist Group showroom - Atlanta Mart, suite 1621 - for all of your store buyers out there) where I will stay for a few days selling some jewelry and laughing with the great people behind this line and this one and I can't forget this one or this one either. These shows are so much more fun when you have such kindness to hang out with while standing on your feet for oh so many hours in a row - I'm thankful for such a great group. After my time selling, I'll hop on over to the Outer Banks for a Cute Family vacation (filled with many second and third desserts, thank you very much) and then I'll head directly to Chicago for more gift show madness (I'll be with Sarm & Nastovski there, buyer readers of mine - Chicago Gift Mart Suite 1574) where I'll hang out with one of the fabulous gals behind this line. All of this means that posting, if there is any, will be very spotty. I'm sure I will update the Laurel Denise Facebook page and probably throw up a tweet or two during my time away so become a fan or follow me and you won't miss the updates that I know you dream about with anticipation every single night. Right?!

In the way of shop shipping announcements, I shipped some great leather bracelets to Chasing Fireflies this week (if you don't receive their catalog, go online and sign up to receive it...especially if you're a momma. They have the cutest of cute things for moms and kiddies) and some more leather bracelets to New Twist. It's been a leather bracelet kind of week, I suppose!

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