Wednesday, July 28, 2010

and i'm back

Holy cow, I've missed you, dear blog readers. I've missed my house and my Cute Husband and my routine and my computer and my google reader and and and... I guess when I said that I might not be posting a lot while I was away, what I really meant was that I wouldn't be posting at all. Because, man, even though part of my travels was a vacation, traveling can take a lot of out a gal! Funny how that tends to happen. Things were great at my trade shows in Atlanta and Chicago - can't wait to send you all information on the fun new stores that will be receiving Laurel Denise goods in the near future. As time these shows tend to always do, I've come home full of ideas and inspiration for new designs. Between shipping to all of the new stores and trying to get samples made of new designs before I leave for New York Gift and Seattle Gift in a few weeks, things are going to be, um, busy. But good, great, fabulous busy and I'm happy to be back in my happy little c'ville life doing these busy things.

(Hello letterpress print here from Hijirik on Etsy)

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  1. I HAVE MISSED YOU! I can't wait to hear all about Chicago! Love ya!