Thursday, July 29, 2010

studio tour no. 073010

Here are a few studio photos...or general "in-the-life-of-laurel-denise" photos from the past week or so. Many people ask me what being in a showroom is like...I try to tell them it's like being in a store...only the store only carries about 20 lines or so and the designer is there selling each customer their line and their line only. Kind of an odd store, but maybe it gets the idea across. That third image down is of the laurel denise table in the Sarm & Nastovski Showroom in Chicago. So that's where I stood and sold with floating (and awesome) sales reps for a few days. So nice to get to know the friendly and fierce sales staff that will be behind my jewelry in Chicago.

Shipments of late...
-Quintessence (Northbrook, IL)
-The Keeping Room (Long Brook, IL)
-Chasing Fireflies catalog (with exclusive custom leather bracelets)
-Lou Lou (Middleburg, VA)


  1. hey lady, how was atlanta? you must be pooped. gearin' up for ny etc.....?

  2. hey o'suz! i'm totally pooped, but definitely gearing up for ny and seattle. lots of new last minute things i'm adding - so excited!