Friday, July 30, 2010

what to wear no. 073010

The Cute Husband and I are going to celebrate two people's achievements in study this weekend! I could seriously hardly make it through four years of the study part of college (could have hung in there for the social part with the best of them) and I was taking classes like screen printing and costume design and fiber arts and watercolor. Hard stuff here, friends. These friends of mine - both dear to me - have taken science-y, think-y, study, lots of papers-turning-in-y, test-y classes for longer than I can even imagine. I mean, seriously. They most definitely deserve parties. Lots of them. With all of the adult beverages and all of the snacks a person could want, if you ask me. Tonight we will go bearing wine and congratulations for a house party celebration and tomorrow we will head to New Jersey bearing swim suits and smiles for a pool party celebration. Here's to wonderful friends who have worked oh so very hard for all of those very important letters that will come before and after their names now! You guys are fantastic!

retro swimsuit | blue romper | gladiator sandals | laurel denise smile necklace | odetteny earrings

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