Tuesday, July 6, 2010

weekend no. 070310

Can we have three day weekends every weekend, please? Please? Seriously best, most filled-up, most happy weekend. That's what all fourth of July's should be about. Or all weekends, I guess. Or everyday. So, on Saturday morning we climbed Humpback Rock, as promised, and I learned something new about myself - I'm not so fond of heights. Specifically not so fond of huge rocks that seem to dangle in the air over large and beautiful valleys and mountains. Shocking, right? The hike was a blast...and then we got to the top. Upon arrival, I promptly sat down, faced the direction of solid ground, and waited patiently (sort of) until the crew was ready to take itself back to safety and life and goodness. As you can see by the photo above, my Cute Husband did not face the same fears on top of that rock. As you can see by the rest of the photos above, I decided to reward myself for the hike and the general fear I felt while on top of it with lots of delicious snacks over the weekend. There was wine, lots of Chaps ice cream cones (Heath Bar Crunch on a sugar cone, please), sushi, and I think I might have turned into a bag of guacamole tortilla chips. The tequila soaked watermelon I mentioned on Friday was an absolute hit at the fourth of July bbq. The sea salt made the dish, for sure, and I think I'd skip the sugar and put more tequila in next time, but that's sort of a life rule for me I guess. Cute Husband and I had an adventure in Lowe's yesterday (that explains that image of the stacked wood) with the Uhl duo (continuing our Uhl/Smith family weekend), but that project will get explained later. Let's just say I might have cursed the day I decided to build wooden booth walls a few times. Oof...me and my big trade show booth ideas.

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