Friday, July 2, 2010

what to wear no. 070210

This weekend starts this Friday afternoon with a trip out to this place with my friend Amanda, right after heading to this place for the best iced coffee, um, ever? After exploring that shop and hopefully coming home with a can't-miss item or two, we're going to enjoy the evening with some backyard barbecue and sangria. Because it's the best. Cute Husband and I are going to set the alarms tomorrow morning to go on a hike up Humpback Mountain with some friends (that assembly you see up there in the image is what I'd like to wear hiking...with some boots...but I'll really just be in black stretchy pants with a few layers and running shoes...because why buy hiking boots when I could buy this dress?), followed by an evening at Continental Divide with the same friends (because, really, it's the very best). The actual 4th of July brings us brunch, church, and then a cookout where I'm considering bringing some of these and maybe a few of these and maybe a blue cheese dip that Brett sent me. Or maybe I'll just wind up buying something at Whole Foods, putting it in a cute dish, and calling it a day. Most likely. I mean, does one person get to have so much fun in one weekend? I'm so excited. Happiness!

jean shorts | yellow tank | brown tank | laurel denise peace elements necklace | water bottle | lunch box set

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  1. Wish I could be there to taste the dip!

    I vote for the dress.