Tuesday, August 31, 2010

oh maine

Maine. Maine. Maine. How everyone in the world doesn't just strive to move there and live happily ever after forever and ever amen is now beyond me. It was heaven in a small little ocean town. Heaven with really, really good lobster. The biggest decisions of my days in Maine were where to read - on the couch in the screened in porch or on the stairs outside - and how many lobsters to eat - two or three? Yes, I wrote three. They were that good. It was just what I needed after my whirlwind wholesale show and wedding weekend tour this July and August. You would have to work at not relaxing in this little slice of heaven.


  1. We just got back for Maine! OMG what a beautiful state. Loved the crystal clear ocean, 61 degrees! but we swam in it. The cliffs to climb along the shore, high tide, low tide that covered those rocks, so cool. Was way out walking up to my knees into the bay at Goats Island during low tide, so cool. Lobster quiche, lobster rolls, twin lobsters for dinner. Yep! 3 x a day. Maine brew, blueberries and chowder. It was the most relaxing time I've had in eons. The weather and spectacular scenery just made you melt. I even perused the real estate magazine to see what they have: a 4 acre house on a bluff with a detached heated studio/shop for HALF of what my house would fetch here in NY. Could easily do this work in Maine looking over that rocky shore. Just couldn't talk the hubs into it....

  2. anyway to see those photos larger? it looks super pretty!

  3. @Jewelry Assembly Chicks - isn't it the BEST place ever? So glad you love it, too! Definitely the most relaxing place ever.

    @eli + ra - yes! I'll email you the snapfish album :)