Thursday, September 2, 2010

studio tour no. 090210

So, wow, remember when I used to have studio tour Thursday? Back when I was actually in my studio and not setting up booths and selling merchandise to fabulous store buyers? Yeah...I kind of remember that, too. In a far off in the distance sort of way. So, really, this week brings me lots and lots of production prep and order prep. Spreadsheets like woah, y'all. I think sometimes I'm cheating on art with spreadsheets and excel. The organization makes me so happy, I just can't help it. I feel like I have a small army of jewelry pieces just waiting for the main honcho to show up (the elements pendants) and then they are all going to fight a big "get shipped by september 15th" battle. It's going to be fierce, friends. In happy news, I will have a fellow officer here in the studio to help me sand and drill and string and prep and ship starting next week! I'm not the world's best interviewer, but I'm excited (and totally humbled) that so many amazing people were interested in helping me and I do believe I found a great gal.

Also - friends and lovely calendar fans of mine - I will have word by the end of this week on an official yay or nay on a 2011 calendar production. Doing everything I can to help make that happen for you all!


  1. Ha! So it's everyone I guess!: "get shipped by september 15th" battle

  2. Oh, Laurel! I've missed these studio tours! And you know, I share your mistress Excel...There's just something about those cells that just gets me goin'!!! Glad you're back safe from all your travels. Maine is just the bees knees and I'd live there in a heartbeat. When are you ready to move?!? Pack it up, let's GOOOOOOOO! I spent a summer on Monhegan Island when I was a nanny and it captured my heart...
    Can't wait to see what you're cookin' up over in that studio of yours! xoxooxo

  3. Oh Jess, I'm so glad you understand the love affair with Excel. Yes to Maine. A small cottage on the water and I'd get to eat lobster every single day...for maybe every single meal.

    Jennifer - we WILL win the Sept 15th battle :)