Tuesday, August 10, 2010

reading tales

I finished these two books on my Atlanta>North Carolina>Chicago trip a week or so ago and have been meaning to post about them ever since. Seriously delicious reads, friends. I'm not usually lucky enough in my reading to get two awesome books in a row - probably because I get too attached to each story and character that it's hard to let another one in so quickly with whatever book happens to be number two in the sequence - but this time was different and I found myself completely wrapped up in both of these books. Fortune's Rocks got a big hug when I finished it poolside (so great was this book and Anita Shreve's storytelling that I'm now reading The Pilot's Wife, despite the fact that it's about a woman losing her husband in an airplane accident - a reading subject I try to avoid at all costs). I thank the amazing Brett for letting me borrow her copy. The second book, also so so so very good, was The Concubine's Daughter. A nice, thick, awesome story that I could dive into and not be finished with in one day. When it comes to my normal reading speed, that's considered a win.

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  1. I am honored to have contributed to your "delicious" books list!