Monday, August 9, 2010

weekend no. 080710

Oh, U.S. Airways, you've hurt my heart. The delays, the cancellations, the changes, the extended and additional kind of killed me this weekend. Cute Husband and I spent a bit too much time for anyone's happiness in various airports this weekend, friends. Waiting and waiting and waiting for things to go as they were planned to go. Man oh man. But said delays couldn't knock us down completely, that's for sure. There was too much fun to be had with such great friends in St. Louis! The wedding was great, held in one of the most beautiful churches I've ever seen, the couple was glowing and happy, the music was hoppin' and inspired much dancing (a small rendition of M.J's Thriller, anyone?), the wine was delicious and might have even inspired a head stand or two, and the friends are the kind that you can just jump right back into life with, as though you've seen each other everyday for years and years. Those are my most favorite kinds of friends. All in all, a fantastic weekend...could have done without the airport tours, but ah well...

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