Wednesday, September 22, 2010

fall boots

fall boots
I think it's totally appropriate to post about fall boots on this first day of fall, don't you think? Let's all kindly ignore the fact that it's supposed to be 94 degrees in sunny Charlottesville today, okay?

In super fun not-about-fall-boots news, my Epson printer (one I've had a love-hate relationship with for almost three years) made its last squeak this morning. Just after I loaded two brand new ink cartridges into the bugger with a full pack at the ready in my office supply storage bin. Fail. Any good printer recommendations that will work with all of these printer cartridges?? Or, you know, any good printer recommendations in general will work, too. There's always craigslist for printer cartridges. Or tax write-offs as Cute Husband pointed out this morning. Pretty thankful this didn't happen a week ago today when I had all of those shipments going out!

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  1. Oh boy. I don't think I can live without #3. Darn you, Frye and all of your fantastic boots!