Thursday, September 9, 2010

studio tour no. 090910

Welp, there aren't many pictures for this week's studio tour because, um, I couldn't exactly document the fight that went down with my electroplating system. Y'all, it was major. You know how when you've been ordering something (the same thing) for years and you kind of expect it to just, you know, work? Just like it always has? I love counting on that. Find comfort in it, even. So when a supplier gets switched on you at the last second and you order 1,000 of something anyway (because you're up against big time deadlines) and then it doesn't work the same way at all,'s not something that needs to be photographed. Thank the good Lord that I was able to find a replacement, have it sent overnight and find that everything works just peachy peachy and normal normal. But, goodness almighty, it wasn't pretty. There were some tears and some racing around this town trying to find something to make. it. work. This studio tour Thursday finds me happy to have that behind me. I've also been watching a ton of the show Huge on hulu while I work at the production table and I'm kind of obsessed. Anyone else into this show? I'm enjoying it and especially thankful to have something other than my mind to keep me company during these long production hours.

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