Friday, September 10, 2010

what to wear no. 091010

Wow...seriously? It's Friday already? How can that be? I feel strongly that it was really just Monday morning. I'll be at the Cville Farmer's Market tomorrow morning, selling laurel denise for the first time in ages. Come see me and my dear friend Amanda who is just about the best ever for wanting to come and hang with me at 6am - we'll be in the ones in the booth in front of Bang! drinking Shenandoah Joe's. After that, I'm having some friends from my church group over to hang out while some of the guys check out the Top of the Hops Beer Festival on the mall. I'm attempting this recipe and this one, too. Yum. Sunday will find my bum at the production table all day long with Rachel, my new production assistant gal. We bonded over Twilight on her first day yesterday...this is a great sign! Hope you friends have a great weekend planned!

blouse | jeans | cream flats | cuff | laurel denise create necklace

edit: also! I forgot to mention that some of my brand new necklaces (those cool leather pendant ones) and my silhouette sterling pieces will be at the Le Papier Studio booth at the Renegade Craft Show in Chicago this weekend! Booth 215. Look for the adorable silhouette goodness. When you've found it, you will know you're there. Give Vana a hug for me. I still can't believe she and I have never met in person!


  1. SO wish I could have gone & seen your work & Vana mixed together! Love her & love those pieces hun!

  2. Thank you!! I really can't believe I've never met Vana. We email more regularly than I email with anyone else!