Monday, September 13, 2010

weekend no. 091110

What a weekend, friends, what a weekend! You c'ville friends and shoppers made my day on Saturday at the Farmers Market - couldn't believe the sweet responses and energy and shopping that went down at booth 99. It was such a beautiful day, I had a great day hanging with Amanda and selling you fine folks some jewelry. And then? Then it was cookie time. And, let me tell you, these cookies were divine. They would have been in the trash can if not for the fine ladies of my community group (because I don't even own a mixer, much less bake cookies on a regular basis). I am so thankful for the help and presence of people who know their way around a kitchen or two. My insulin levels = not so thankful, but my heart and belly and taste buds were very thankful. To add icing on the cake (cookies?), the JMU Dukes pulled a huge win out on Saturday. Huge, friends. No, seriously, huge. Cute Husband might have run around screaming in public...with hands held high. It was that big. And then the Redskins pulled another huge win last night! I was long past asleep by the time a final whistle blew, but I heard all about it this morning and shared in Cute Husband's joy since, well, I'm pretty sure that made it into our unofficial wedding vows.


  1. Have I mentioned lately that you rock!? And, by the way, so is your church and community group? Also, I have been a little behind in my blog-reading so I need to say that I have no idea what an electroplating system is, but I'm glad that you do.

  2. Do you take your blog pics with your phone or another camera? They are always so fun.

  3. Thanks, Anna! I take them with my digital Canon camera :) Don't have a fancy phone with cool photo applications, so the real camera deal is where it's at for me and photo-taking.

    And thanks, Jen :) Amen to the church and my community group rocking! Love.