Thursday, September 16, 2010

studio tour no. 091610

Well, friends, I'm happy to report that the 9/15 battle was won. Taken over, smashed down, conquered. It's been a busy week of, really, everything in the studio this week. Emails and production and packaging and printing and assembling and calling and invoicing. Seriously, everything. And I have this lovely new list of shops below to show for it. If you live in any of these areas, please check out the stores and see the goods! And, you know, I mean, if the mood strikes you, go on ahead and buy a little laurel denise love in that shop. That would be swell.

new shops ( no particular order other than when I shipped them):
Melinda Lane: Westfield, NJ
Finch & Sparrow: Seattle, WA
Box Turtle: Little Rock, AR
Earthly Delights: Kalamazoo, MI
Zinnia's: Waseca, MN
Anderson Bookshop: Naperville, IL
Artisans Marketplace: Plainville, CT
Vintage Charm: LaGrange, IL
The Villager: Flossmoor, IL
Gehman Jewelers: Ephrata, PA
Hazel: Chicago, IL
Posh Baby Boutique: Portland, OR
Agete: Tokyo, Japan
Class Act: South Salem, OR
Westchester Jewish Center, Gift Shop: Mamaroneck, NY
Picture This Gallery: Eagle River, AK
Washington Athletic Club: Seattle, WA
Stella's on 21st: Portland, OR
Studio R: Montclair, NJ
Beauty Rehab: Wellington, FL
Curate: Millburn, NJ
August Heart: Ocean City, NJ
On a Whim: Blacksburg, VA
Heaven & Earth Salon-Spa: Pottsville, PA
Accessories by Blass: Marblehead, MA
Watson Kennedy (fine living): Seattle, WA

Erika Reade: Atlanta, GA
Artware: Abington, PA
Enjoy: Chicago, IL
Sparrow House: Plymouth, MA
Monelle: Burlington, VT
Poppy Arts: Columbia, MO
New Twist: Eugene, OR
Firefly: Thomasville, GA


  1. AWESOME! I am so happy for you hun & I will definitely go into the shops near me and talk about how much I adore you & your work ;)
    I love those cut out silver pieces so much!

  2. Thank you Melissa and Amanda!!