Friday, September 17, 2010

what to wear no. 091710

Y'all, this never happens. I'm actually wearing what I post about in a what to wear friday! Unbelievable! I mean, minus the shoes. Not sure I could walk in points that sharp. I saw this dress on a recent trip to Anthropologie and almost died. I think maybe it was made just for me? I mean...maybe? I quickly texted the mister in the dressing room to get the spending okay and got maybe the sweetest words I've ever heard in the reply ("get whatever you want, sweetheart"). I'm...I'm sorry...are there better words that than when a gal is standing in a dressing room? Aside from "have you been working out? you look great in these unforgiving dressing room lights..." So, yeah, anyway, happiness happened as it always does in that grand store. I will be wearing this number to a wedding in Dewey Beach this weekend - hanging out with some old friends from our Northern Virginia days. Sunday will find me crossing my fingers for another Redskins victory with my Cute Husband (hail). All in all, a great weekend ahead with friends and family.

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