Monday, September 27, 2010

weekend no. 092510

This weekend was filled with little moments of bliss and sitting down this morning to recall some of them make me happy. Squeezing the arms of two great girlfriends (and maybe jumping up and down) after we each smelled the goodness of fall outside. Making a delicious brunch by this fabulous lady here on Sunday morning with Amanda for our cute husbands (Ree Drummond, let's be friends). Coming home from church and being so inspired by the beautiful worship that I made a new necklace (it says "amazing love" because, well, it is...amazing, that is). Pizza eating in front of the television. A delicious three hour nap. A peaceful Saturday morning. Eating one of the best salads of my life at Hamilton's on Saturday for lunch. Getting to check out a new-to-me yoga teacher at my gym. Root beer floats. The best part of this list is that I know I'm forgetting some of the moments...and, after checking out a pretty long moments of bliss list here, that makes me one lucky gal.

ps: It's my momma's birthday today, friends. I can't quite describe how amazing she is and what a blessing it is to have her in my life. Each and every time to see a little bit of her in me, which is often, I take a minute to understand how lucky I am that she's my example. Love you, momma Jos.


  1. Glad you enjoyed Hope's class. She's so sweet.

    BTW, I almost emailed you after Portico to suggest an 'amazing grace' Laurel Denise piece. great minds...

  2. key word "bliss"! See I told you!!!

  3. haha - i stand corrected, sis. i stand corrected :)