Tuesday, September 28, 2010

fluf design

Sometimes I think I should have a disclaimer on this little bloggy blog that says "this is my blog where I will write about all things gray and yellow and black and white and things with soft and simple design that makes me happy." You know, just to warn everyone that they will maybe see the same sort of things each day? I walked by Fluf Design's booth at the NY Gift show in August and my heart beat started to quicken, well, a lot. Literally this happens when I see good design happening...in a store, in a book, at a wholesale show....everywhere. It's kind of overwhelming in a most awesome way and makes me want to walk around with a sketchbook always in hand. Anyway, Fluf Design made my heart happy on an early morning spent perusing the aisles at NY Gift and going on the website this morning made it happen all over again.

ps - they don't have it listed on their website, but I feel like O'Suzannah in cville might carry the bags that Fluf designs and sells? Maybe??


  1. O'Suz definitely has them in stock right now! and I am seriously coveting one or two of those!

  2. Hi hi! Yes, we have them at o'suz, and we're so in love with them!

  3. oh good! i THOUGHT i saw them in the window being beautiful and lovely! they are the best, right? so awesome.