Tuesday, October 19, 2010

mikel robinson

Do you all know I'm the worst gift-buyer ever for my dear husband? Worst. I'm not sure that he's gotten a Christmas present on time (or period) in years. That's partly due to the fact that Christmas closely trumps August/September as my craziest business time of the year (what the multiple outdoor weeks-in-a-row-freezing-cold laurel denise shows and all), but still...inexcusable. So we decided to purchase a piece of art together for each anniversary instead of buying another gift that I would lame out on and he would be fabulous on. I walked into Mikel Robinson's booth at the Fall Foliage Festival a few weekends ago and, well, kind of geeked/freaked out. I instantly loved every piece very, very much and seriously needed to leave the booth before scaring the other customers. Didn't leave for long though. Once I got the Cute Husband stamp of approval, I went in to purchase our fave. The website doesn't show a ton of the work he was selling at the show, but his Etsy shop has prints of some of the work he was selling.

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