Monday, October 25, 2010

weekend no. 102310

Success of a weekend, friends! Success! Costume painted and fun had at Halloween party? Check. Apartment deep-cleaned and smelling fresh for the family visit on Sunday? Check. Fun and relaxing visit with the family on Sunday afternoon? Check check check! Enough time to sit and relax and regroup after a really crazy work week? Double check. I finished one of my new favorite books, Expecting Adam by Martha Beck. You guys. You guys! It was so good. So absolutely very, very good. It's just basically a must read. Like, right this second a must read. So go on ahead and order it and get on that task I've just assigned. We also finally got to eat at Sal's Caffe Italia on Sunday night - the pizza was delicious! I mean, not Hoboken delicious (oh how I miss that pizza), but a very close second! So, overall, a truly wonderful weekend spent in c'ville that I'm sad to see go, to tell you the truth.


  1. It was a wonderful Sunday. Thanks for the lunch and great nap. I absolutely loved your up coming jewelry pieces.. I'll stay mum on the details, but they are awesome.

  2. Youre so very welcome! It was such a delight to have you guys in Charlottesville :) Yay!