Friday, October 22, 2010

what to wear no. 102210

If you'd told me that today was Tuesday when I woke up this morning, I would have believed you. Time literally flew by behind my back while I wasn't looking this week. So the news that today is not in fact a Tuesday, but a Friday, is an extra pleasure on top of what it would normally be. Do those confusing sentences make sense? I'm not sure. Blame it on the fact that today is a Tuesday/Friday. So, anyway, yay for weekends (even though I will likely sit my bum at this computer or my production table most of the time). Cute Husband and I have a super fun costume party we get to go to on Saturday night. I'm excited about our costume idea, but we'll see if I can pull off the paint job that has to happen tonight during Halloween arts & crafts night. Our family is coming into town on Sunday for a surprise visit to watch some football while my soon-to-be-sister and I will start packaging her wedding invitations. I do believe this sparkly outfit above is just the ticket for a laid back and fun weekend at home.

sparkly sweatshirt | leggings | stripe tank | toms shoes | laurel denise glass live necklace

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