Friday, October 1, 2010

what to wear no. 100110

All I can really think about right now is about how my beloved Blackberry (truly my "Crackberry," as some call it) is blaring "JVM Error 102" right now and has been doing that since 5am this morning...when the bright screen woke me up. Poor Blackberry. Poor me who likely has to go through the entire weekend without it while Sprint attempts a fix. How did I get so addicted to this little guy? Also, yes, I know, I know...why don't I have an i-Phone already? I hear you. I really do. Loud. And. Clear.

Anyway, this silly little error message is slightly clouding the fact that I have the best weekend ever planned! Tonight, my sweet 16-year old niece is coming to spend the evening with Cute Husband and I. We're going to be fancy and check out some of the first Friday art show openings on the downtown mall (my talented part timer gal Rachel is going to be featured at a 2nd Street Gallery show - amazing!) and then we're heading to dinner. Tomorrow my sisters and I are taking my fabulous momma out for some good-old-fashioned gal indulgence (iced coffe and mani/pedi followed by a delicious lunch, of course) and then it's off to church for the beginning of a new series (can't wait) followed by photog shoot number two with Marcy! Then! There's more! Then, Cute Husband and I get to make our marriage year number two celebration yearbook filled with photos and memories of our second year of marriage. Our anniversary is on Monday and we've decided to start the celebrations on Sunday. I mean, seriously, so fun, right? Stupid error message, you aren't going to get me down. Bah!

jeans | yellow cardigan | graphic top | flip flops (while the weather is still warm enough!)
| laurel denise laugh necklace

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