Thursday, September 30, 2010

studio tour no. 093010

You guys, I got to do my new favorite thing yesterday. It was so. much. fun. !!! I styled a photo shoot of my jewelry for my new wholesale and press catalog. I've never ever done something like this. Usually I just send them to the photographer I've been using for years who shoots the entire pieces on a light board so everything looks uniform for the website and I call it a day. But this? This styling with the oh so very talented Marcy May was just so much fun. Seriously, you guys, she's gooooood and she cares. You can feel the love she has for her art just coming off of her when she's shooting. She's just serious about it and it inspires you take what you're doing more seriously, which is just awesome. Makes you think before moving and making decisions. I can't explain it, but being around someone who loves doing what their doing so much just makes you consider what you're doing more I guess. At least that happens to me. Plenty happened in the studio this week (had to totally cut down all of the shots I'd taken over the week), but that was by far the most fun. Something tells me you guys don't want details on how I started inserting all of my expenses all the way back from April into QuickBooks yesterday after the not so gentle, but still sweet nudge from my Cute Husband...think he's taken on the role as CFO (Cute CFO?). I asked him if he'd rather sand down the pile of pendants I have waiting, but he said no thanks. Imagine that.

ps - Totally got inspiration for that shot of Marcy's feet and legs up on a chair to take the photo from Odette NY's blog. That shot has been on my mind since I saw it on her blog months ago. Thanks for the constant inspiration, Jen!

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