Tuesday, November 16, 2010

laurel denise makeover

Happiness upon happiness, friends. The newly updated hot off the press laurel denise website is alive and well and up for viewing. This has been quite an effort involving many lovely hard-working people - including Cute Husband who used nfl.com as the inspiration for the navigation within the homepage images. We're sporty here at laurel denise, friends, very sporty. New items have been added to the texture collection and the simply stated collection. So, you know, in your daily doings today stop on over to the new website and feel free to add yourself to the mailing list so that you can receive pretty emails that announce these things.

ps - umm...so major weekend recap fail. I only took, oh, five or so pictures in total because I forgot my camera on Saturday and Sunday (awesome). My weekend image roll is filled with my cool nephew killing it on the football field on Friday night! Go Chargers! (that's for you, sis).


  1. Yay! Love the shout out!!! Go Chargers!!!

  2. i love it!! gorgeous photos :D

  3. Thanks, Laura! Marcy May Drewes took the photos. I've posted a bit about her work on the blog, but here's a link to her blog, too: http://www.masterpieceandmilk.blogspot.com/. She's mega talented.

  4. I love your new photos.. Everything looks so fresh.. Great job Lol...