Wednesday, December 15, 2010

calendar city

Absolute. Calendar. Mayhem. over here, friends. The Room has been completely taken over by boxes and small stacks of paper all lined up along every flat surface of our home. I've got to tell you guys, this new size is ca-uuute. I'm loving it - thank you again for the suggestions! The punching machine is punching away and things are a'happening. Not as quickly as I'd love, of course, because, oh, there was a slight (and by slight I mean huge) printing error...this one, I feel it necessary to point out, was not my fault. Because, really, usually is it my fault. Especially when it comes to something being printed. So the Cute Husband and I will work tirelessly (and probably pull our first all-nighter since college) to get these done and out to everyone by Saturday. Thank you again for helping to spread the word!

Here's a direct link to the 2011 Laurel Denise Calendar!


  1. Okay, you seriously have to put these all together by hand!?! That is a lot of work! But knowing that makes each one that much more special.

  2. oh, yes,, my friend...that Cute Husband of mine and I will be putting each and every one of these together!