Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Cute Husband says I should blog today, so I'm gonna. But, friends, I gotta tell you, I'm still dog tired and the only thing I can think to blog about today is hats. Hats and this story which aren't related even in the least (but, seriously, how does someone hack into someone's blog and start changing things?? Or, rather, why on earth would someone do that?? So upsetting. That poor girl's tweets last night had me all riled up while I was stuck in the post-Caps game traffic jam, I tell ya.) So, back to hats. It's cold out there, y'all, and I think I might need a new hat. I have one, but it's a smoosher and I already have "volume issues" with my hair so why am I going to smoosh the few strands I have down even more than they already are just to go outside? I mean, right? But, seriously, with this windy take on winter the world has suddenly brought upon us, smoosh just might be my new 'do.

hat one | hat two | hat three | hat four

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