Thursday, December 9, 2010

lavender happy place

So, hey, hi, wow. Missed me? It's literally been insanity here, friends. 4:15am wake up calls (not on purpose), working into the nights, trying to remember to stuff some sort of food into my mouth a few times during the day and also trying to produce something people will be delighted to open on Christmas day. In short, I know I post about Soap & Paper Factory, oh, every other day or so it seems, but I'm really obsessed. (I promise this is related to my first few sentences.) Just got a huge package yesterday that I ordered for various Christmas presents and I smelled the lavender room diffuser and decided that, right now, I need to keep it for myself (sorry, sissie, you'll get another fabulous item in your stocking, promise). It's the most calming scent I've ever smelled. No joke. And I do believe it's the reason I slept (mostly) through the night last night. It will be moved throughout my house to be positioned exactly right next to me - from desk to production table to other production table to bed. Last night I actually considered turning the fan off because I thought maybe the fan, pointing away from me because it's sometimes a tad chilly in this room of ours, was taking the deliciously calming lavender smell away from me. Me, turn off my sacred secret to sleeping soundly, for a scent? This, my friends, is what we call Huge News and also something that never ever happens. And something that also didn't happen last night, but I considered it! The thought actually crossed my 3:00am mind! And that is what I call blog worthy news.

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