Thursday, December 2, 2010

studio tour no. 12210

Holy gracious, friends, it's been a busy few weeks (months?) and, looking ahead a bit (one of my favorite activities), it just keeps getting busier and busier. Catalog production (have to separate them all out for the sales reps and staple the line sheets and put stickers on them and and and), fabulous sales rep selling kit production, general last-minute store holiday production, 2011 Calendar re-design and, you guessed it, production. I included a picture above of my work station's state of, um, mess for the past few weeks. Decided to give you all the real deal for that instead of doing my little close-up shots that hide the real mess. Yes, that's Biggest Loser you see on my computer screen. I watch it and tear up while I work. Fact. So, okay, anyway, so very many exciting things happening here at laurel denise, I'm feeling very, well, happy and blessed and stressed with a splash of overwhelmed all at the same time. Is that allowed? I sure hope so. Oh Christmas, why can't you fall in April or May when I might actually be able to relish and soak in your goodness? The good news is that I've had Cute Husband's Christmas presents planned for months now - well...I've had them tagged in my delicious sidebar. That counts, right? - so he won't be left severely lacking on Christmas morning due to my being busy with work.

A few good sales a'happening at laurel denise:
-use code "heartcalendar" for free shipping on the 2011 Calendar until tomorrow (Friday 12.3.10)!
-use code "merry" for 15% off of all items on the website (minus the paper stuff, friends, sorry...)

A few post script thank yous:
Seriously I can't thank you all enough for helping me to spread the word about the 2011 laurel denise calendar. The response has been out of this world and I'm so very, very appreciative. I really can't thank you all enough. Many, many xoxo's to all of you!

Also? Thank you to C Mag for featuring this little bloggy blog in your fun Charlottesville blog reads article! So very sweet to see the mention this week. I might have blushed. Okay, I did blush.

A little event reminder:
Laurel Denise goods will be sold with (and by) the fabulous Carrie Saxl at the Downtown DC Holiday Market starting tomorrow! Location is F Street between 7th and 8th streets (by the Verizon Center - go caps!). I hope you all will stop by and see all of our delicious goodies for sale. By delicious I mean beautiful. You shouldn't actually eat this jewelry. Bad for digestion.

stores shipped this week:
-Dearborn Market: Holmdel, NJ
-Lilly Barrack: Albuquerque, NM


  1. a) love that you're watching biggest loser. i wept through the last episode.
    b) CONGRATS for making it into C!!!