Friday, January 21, 2011

what to wear no. 012111

This weekend is my sweet soon-to-be-sister-in-love's (who also passed along that sweet title for us) bachelorette weekend and I'm oh so excited! We will drink wine, chat, surround her with love, and take a little cooking class tomorrow evening.

navy dress | gray tights | yellow sweater | laurel denise love tag necklace

ps: I might have run out of time to find the appropriate shoes to go with this outfit. Forgiveness is a great "forgiveness" a word?


  1. Yay! Can't wait to see you sister-in-love! :)

    PS I love the coasters you posted about yesterday

    PPS I love the pie in a jar you posted about the day before!!! adorable!! :)

  2. Can't wait to see you and "cute husband" The pie in the jars looked so yummy... I wonder if it can be made sugar free????

  3. i bet that the masters of food creations (keri and jeremy) can figure that one out :)

    can't wait to see you both! xoxo