Monday, January 24, 2011

do good: reece's rainbow

So I'm doing something fun and cool and not really something I've done before over here in blog land. Or...I guess technically I've done it before, but never on my bloggy blog. It's a giveaway of one of my newest (and most popular) necklaces to help raise funds for this amazing cause, Reece's Rainbow. Sweet Priscilla, who I met at a crafts show in Waynesboro, Va a few months ago, emailed me about this cause and asked me to help her out with awareness and I jumped on it. A gal can start to feel like all she thinks about is herself and her jewelry and her calendar and all of that nonsense every once in awhile when she's trying to run her own business and that just makes me feel gross. And selfish. And grosser. Know what I mean? Opportunities like this give me teeny tiny ways to give back and make me feel, oh, a tad less gross.

So here's how it works:
Priscilla is trying to raise money for these two specific darlings, Clara and Sophie. Please oh please go to their pages and donate and then leave a comment here on this fine blog that you've done so. On Friday January 28th, we will randomly pick one lucky winner to receive this necklace (a $97.00 value).

As an added happiness, anyone who donates at least $25 to either sweet baby will receive a free "dwell in hope" print. You can check out images of that print here.

You can also comment on Priscilla's blog to be entered into this giveaway! I know sometimes blogger isn't the easiest format for blog commenting...


  1. Hey Lol- thanks for doing this! I am thankful to know about this website Reece's Rainbow. Although tear producing, it was a valuable sidetrack to my day to look over the sweet kiddos needing to be adopted! It only takes a few dollars from a lot of people to make a difference! So keep on giving friends!

  2. In a world where we are flooded with such negativity it's great to read about people who are doing so much good. and just like careydee said, all it takes are a few dollars. it is touching to read all the stories and it feels amazing to know that my contribution is helping.

  3. thank you SO MUCH crystal and careydee! you both have made my day :)