Wednesday, March 30, 2011

happy birthday to laurel denise

So, now that the website is back up and running (goodness gracious...), I've decided to throw laurel d a little birthday celebration in the form of a fancy email! I know, I know...margaritas and salsa would be a more appropriate celebration, but the rulers of the internets just haven't figured out how to get that whole food slash liquid thing to work out there in the world wide webbing. Can't imagine why that's not top priority...

Celebrate with us and enjoy 10% off of your online order with code "six"*! I just uploaded some new items to the shop, too. Like this one and this little guy and this one, too!

*Code is "six" because we just turned six. Which also is my favorite number (keep that on file, it will help you in a contest in the future...shhhh...). Also? This code is good only if you spend at least $28 big ones in the shop and it ends on 4.30.11.

1 comment:

  1. After five, it's so hard to keep track! Happy Six LD!