Thursday, March 31, 2011

studio tour no. 033111

Y'all, I have to keep it real this morning: I took no photographs this week. Nada. These photographs you see above were taken moments ago because I couldn't admit to the layer of dust that had formed on my camera in the past week yet again. Silver dust from all of the sanding that went down this week, but still... 'Twas a busy week here in laurel d land. I've been experimenting with a new home goods line I believe I will launch in a few short weeks (!!!) - you can see the first failed bud vase slash melted glass attempt above - and I've been busy making chains and filling orders that are set to ship April 1st, updating the website, designing some laurel d birthday celebration emails, and planning out the National Stationery Show. Did you know we're doing that again this year? I think I haven't discussed it yet because every time I think of it, I sort of panic. It's an intimidating show, what with all of that insane talent floating around in that particular design world, and I haven't done it in years. Doing a show with essentially one product (the 2012 laurel denise planner) is kind of terrifying...or worry-making or something? Plus, it's an entirely new booth design and that sort of makes my head hurt. Sort of...a lot.

stores shipped this week:
Osgoodies Gift Store: Brattleboro, VT
The Williams Company Store: Ottertail, MN
Willd Indigo: Boston, MA
Cathedral: San Diego, CA
ABC Carpet: New York, NY
Nest: Sheboygan, WI
Ellens on Elm: Winnetka, IL

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  1. home goods?! HOME GOODS!?!?!?! I might weep with excitement!