Tuesday, April 5, 2011

office mayhem

Well, friends, it took exactly 1.5 hours of working in the same office for Cute Husband and I to realize that something had to give with the set up and the disorganization of the office section of The Room...if left alone in this space with the clutter for any longer, I'm afraid the two of us might not have made it out. He went for a run (sent out with a smooch, I encouraged him to save himself until we could figure this out) and I panicked and did some work while trying to ignore the papers and products and jewelry that, literally, seemed to be crawling closer and closer to me...rapidly building a huge fort that surrounded me. I think my heart just started beating faster reading that scary sentence. Does that sound like a horror film to any other organizational-freak-o out there? After both of our emotional releases (me with work, duh, and him with running, so healthy he is), we were ready to combine and conquer. We settled on a cool black steel shelf thing that's really meant for a garage, but it fills the industrial modern sort of look The Room has going for it (sort of) and some cool silver locker baskets. When all was said and done yesterday, I might have cried at how different my working space looks and feels now. Yes, we now have two garage shelves in our bedroom area, but really, who cares? It doesn't look so bad and the fact that it's holding 99% of the things that were threatening to gobble me up inside makes me one happy jewelry designing gal. And that's a fact.

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  1. just happened on this post. had to laugh. i am the clutter one and everyday i am cleaning up my "work" from beside our bed. at least I agree it's my responsibility to do so--but I still hate it! my husband is off to yoga! good luck.

  2. that's why bins are key, lily ann! so you can just pile things in the bins and shove them under a shelf! it's amazing :)