Friday, April 1, 2011

studio tour no. 040711

Folks, for this week's studio tour, I will welcome you into the twisted mind of a gal forced to create a new booth design. This, my friends, is my favorite and very, very, very least favorite thing to do. Favorite is when it's all said and done and finished. Least favorite is every single other part of it. Seriously. It hurts, y'all, it hurts my brain. I don't like waking up at 3am with anxious booth thoughts. This makes me feel certifiable. I have a feeling you're all in agreement there. What makes this new booth design even more of my worst nightmare is that I really need to step outside of the vintage organized mess theme I've been so comfortable in for the jewelry booth and step into a more organized (like, for reals), most definitely not vintage-y (but I can't help myself so some of that will be thrown in), most definitely not creams and whites and wooden textures, and most definitely not a high table featuring all of my product in the middle protecting me and making me feel comfortable sitting in my little tucked corner on a chair saying hi to buyers. No, friends, this stationery booth is stripping all of my little trade show securities away. Which I suppose I will be thankful for because it will help me grow, but right now it just wakes me up at 3am. First of all, we have ourselves a corner booth, y'all. A corner in all of its exposed and opened glory. Secondly, we have One. Product. The 2012 Laurel Denise Calendar. And that's it. Five cover colors, yes, but that's a'wrap after that. One product. Wait, I already said that. One product that needs to be blown up so big that maybe astronauts might be able to see it so that they can say "oh, hey, yeah, I bought that product years ago when that big huge publisher made it and I recognize it and, yeah, I totes want to buy that again" Thirdly, it's an organizational product. So things need to look all office-y and organized and clean or people will get confused. I've come to realize this is not how my booth brain works. Like, not at all. Which is odd because that's how my normal brain works. All organized and office-y. Fourthly, I've come to realize I have two brains, I guess? Y'all, it gets uglier from there, so I'm just going to leave it at that. What you see above is a little inspiration board behind what the booth may or may not wind up looking like. Let's just hope I get some sleep before then.

stores shipped this week:
Pinch: Northhampton, MA
Across the Way: Cape May, NJ
Claypot: Brooklyn, NY

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