Thursday, April 21, 2011

studio tour no. 042111

How is it already the 21st of April? Holy goodness gracious. We've had some Mother's Day madness a'happening here this week, friends. And some 2012 Calendar planning sessions. And some new design sketching out - seriously, y'all, I learned this week that I can write the exact same word about 100 times on a sheet of paper and still be left without one I really love. Starting a word with the letter "b" is not my power suit. The letter "s" though? Now that's a different story. The letter "s" is my jam. I also learned again that photo shoots with the lovely and oh so talented Marcy is seriously so much fun. Like, so much fun. It's been a busy and fun week and now it's definitely time to get back to it. Happy studio tour Thursday, guys and gals!

ps: You can still use code "six" for 10% off until the end of April! Moms deserve presents. Don't forget about them.

pps: Oh Em Gee those Washington Capitals last night, right?? Talk about holy goodness gracious.

stores shipped this week:
Cathedral: San Diego, CA
ABC Carpet: New York, NY
Nest: Sheboygan, WI
Ellens on Elm: Winnetka, IL
Elle2: Livingston, NJ
Vis-a-Vis: Nantucket, MA
Sugar Sugar: Seattle, WA
Room 6: Vancouver, Canada
Rock Paper Scissors: Charlottesville, VA
Handmade Gallerie: Sherman Oaks, CA
New Twist: Eugene, OR
The Gypsy Wagon: Dallas, TX
Le Papier Studio

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