Wednesday, April 20, 2011

weekend moments no. 041611

Where oh where have the last two days gone, y'all? It's been busy, busy, busy here, but I wanted to shoot some cute little weekend prom moments images to the ol' bloggy blog. I've been wanting to do that since Monday morning and just managed to upload the actual images yesterday evening. So, yeah, it's been busy I guess. Anyway, these girls were ah-dorable, friends, saying all kinds of cute "lookin' fresh" type comments (guess that's what the cool kids say these days) and braving shoes that literally hurt my feet and legs and back just looking at them. Ah,'s all about girlfriends and hairspray and shoes that hurt, right? Loved it. After my prom festivities, I finally got the experience a Boylan Heights burger. Friends. Friends. Friends. It lived up to every single expectation I had. I mean, seriously, I got to put a fried green tomato on my burger. On my burger!! It was delightful and not just because that movie and book are the bees knees.


  1. When you return (soon), try the vegan burger. IT IS AMAZING, and this is from a girl who rarely misses an opportunity to have red meat.

  2. You know, that one looked intriguing for some reason! If I can move on from the red meat there for an evening, I will totally try that one :) Thanks for the tip!