Friday, April 15, 2011

what to wear no. 041511

This weekend, friends, brings us two words: Junior. Prom. (and Game Two, but I think maybe this blog has has its hockey fill...for now?) Do you guys remember junior prom? Man, I still remember, I bought this vintage dress number from the SPCA fall sale thing (before they had the permanent location) and got it all hemmed and fixed up to fit just so and then? Then I chickened out at the last minute. I put it on, it was perfection, and then quickly panicked. "What the heck do I think I'm doing wearing this to Albemarle High School's junior prom?? Did I forget that I was still technically the new girl at that school?" These silly thoughts required my poor sweet momma to buy me yet another dress, a long purple (and safe) number. Lame sauce, right? Wonder what happened to that pink cinderella-ish vintage dress. Ah the decisions of a teenager just trying to fit in...

So, right, blog post, anyway...this weekend I am helping my niece, the one I held literally minutes after she'd been born and marveled at how much hair she had (seriously, y'all, it was curling it was so long!) and how big and blue her eyes were (and still are), get ready for prom. I know everyone says this when they see someone that used to be so little all of a sudden, oh, I don't know, driving a car and getting ready for prom and such, but - really - how is it that it's already time for me to go and do her prom make up and hair? How has time flown that quickly?

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  1. she is a lucky gal! she has got the best make-up artist in town! ;)


  2. Wow! Seriously, how did that happen? And I can't believe you didn't wear the first dress! Did you at least take pictures in it?