Wednesday, April 13, 2011

red is best

Oh, friends, tonight is sort of monumental in my little household (slash The Room). It's the first night of hockey playoffs and this, my dears, means big business over here. We're nervous and still a little shattered from last year's super sad loss in the first round to Montreal. The fact that our team finished first in its division and the fact that everyone in the sports news offices that gets to pick things like this is picking them to win this series (as Cute Husband, who has had head phones in all morning, listening and watching highlight reels, just informed me), makes us, well, even more nervous. So, in honor of "rocking the red" for the Caps, I have chosen some cute red things to post about this morning. Because if I'm going to write a post about sports on this blog, I definitely need to balance it with cute things, don't you think?

Also? Since when did I become a hockey fan? Marriage. Man, it will get you every time.

one | two | three | four | five (This was my absolute favorite book in the entire world growing up. Entire! World!)


  1. i feel like i need hockey for dummies or something.

    go capricorns!

  2. this post was good luck. rock the red: game 2 starts in 11 hours! can i get a repost or maybe a hyperlink back to this from today's post or something? anything? yeah caps!