Tuesday, April 12, 2011

makes me want to squeal

Maybe it's because I have the new laurel denise home-line on my brain (which, seriously, is going to be teeny tiny at its launch...just getting my toes wet here, folks) or maybe it's because this hand blown glass work is absolutely out of this world impossibly amazing, but don't you also feel that everything in this Kiva Ford Etsy shop is the coolest?? Because I do. I do a lot. It makes me want to squeal.


  1. Seriously? When the times comes, I'd love to do a little profile of you and the line!

  2. these are gorgeous, thanks for sharing laurel! hope you don't mind, but i reblogged about kiva ford...and i linked back to you, great find! :)

  3. yay! so glad you like, karin! thanks for the relink!

    @jeannine, i emailed you :)