Monday, April 11, 2011

weekend moments no. 040911

A great weekend equals...This team finishing up number one in the east, a trip to this adorable country store for some candied ginger and delicious peanut butter, an amazing sermon here, a lovely walk through neighborhoods like this one, a lovely Sunday night dinner provided by wonderful friends, a first experience at this delicious restaurant (no images because, wow, I was starving), and a successful savings grocery trip inspired by this insane show (insane and inspiring, clearly). I mean, seriously...wonderful C'ville weekend if I've ever heard of one, right?


  1. hooray for amazing weekends :D

  2. I watched Extreme Couponing this weekend too! I think those women need to be on Hoarders or My Strange Addiction. Seriously, that becomes a full-time job. They should donate some of their stores to food pantries but seriously, how much mustard can one family use!

  3. @laura - hooray for amazing weekends is right :)

    @jen - i knnnnow. but the one guy, the one who bought, oh, the ENTIRE stock of cereal and, oh, 2,000 or so products did mention giving a lot of it to his church food bank. that gave me some comfort! but i do think some of it is a tad hoarder-ish. i can't imagine why they need to ever go to the grocery store again (for more than milk and cheese, etc) after looking at their stocks of food!! insanity!