Friday, May 6, 2011

day one, year thirty

So, friends, today I'm thirty. Ya know when you're a little gal (all dressed up in frilly dresses climbing a huge cherry tree in the backyard with my favorite book of the moment...because that was my style, friends) and you picture yourself turning thirty? There are things you picture. A house, maybe some white picket action happening, a golden retriever, a handsome husband, and a baby or two running around in sprinklers? I pictured those things, I'm sure of it. Maybe I pictured a horse instead of the dog...never have been much of a dog gal, as much as I tried to force that feeling. More than anything, thirty seemed to be forever into the future. Like, wow, by thirty, life would practically be over and done and, definitely without a doubt, figured out. But I've got to tell you...what I have today on the first day of year thirty in my life is So Much Better than anything I ever pictured as a little gal. I never would have pictured living in a huge open room with a Cute Husband (where's the picket fence?), I never ever would have pictured owning a business that challenged and rewarded me day after day, I never would have picturing believing in God (who's He?!), I never would have pictured all of the amazing friends that have come into my life this year, and I never ever would have pictured that life would sort of feel like it was just beginning. Getting to feel the hope and excitement that something big is a'coming and noticing that something big is a'happening even right now while the "complete" picture is forming is the biggest gift and blessing of all. I'm thankful for it.

This friday fashion post is what my free-spirit-hippie-style-living-at-the-beach-at-heart personality would like to be wearing on this fine birthday. Humor me.

dress | sandals | cardigan | laurel denise see the beauty necklace


  1. what a happy birthday post! i hope today is the first of many even better days to come.

  2. Oh joy! I hope thirty continues to exceed your expectations.

  3. thanks for making your big sis cry. i'm sure i saw you up in that tree with your book, reading away. and i'm sure if i had thought what would my "first baby" be doing at 30, this is it. she'd have joy, married to an ridiculously amazing husband, pursuing a dream through her business and simply being an phenomenal person. Uh. May. Zing. Surely planting you firmly on my hip had some to do with it.

  4. I love this! You made me very teary eyed when I read this. So glad for your joy and so glad you are my friend :)

  5. thank you so much for all of the sweet comments and birthday wishes, you guys :)