Thursday, May 5, 2011

studio tour no. 050511

Y'all, this has been a doozy of a week here in laurel denise land. That's right, a doozy. It's one of those weeks where I think at about every corner I turned there was a big "you are doing too many things at once" sign smack dab in front of my face (in, like, neon lights or something) and those signs came in the form of mistakes. Some small (a document is about .5mm off...those .5mm that drive me insane) and some quite large (oh, thought I had a 10x10 booth at the upcoming stationery show - upcoming as in next week, friends - and realized yesterday - yesterday!! a whole week before I fly to nyc for the show! - that I actually have a 10x6 booth). No big deal. Looking at the huge over 6-feet wide posters of the calendar we got printed to hang on the walls kind of makes me a bit sick though, ya know what I mean? So, yeah, it's been one of those weeks. But, if I've learned anything these years, it's that posters and booths get adjusted, .5mm mistakes go completely unnoticed by a normal person (me = not normal) and things move onward and upward. You'd probably also think that I've learned to quadruple check everything. Like, every single thing. But, clearly, I'm still mastering that there lesson, friends.

Plus...PLUS! The caps lost this series big time. I mean, seriously. Salt in the wound, friends, salt in the wound.

stores shipped this week:
JD Myers: Redlands, CA
Frances: Phoenix, AZ
Red Envelope

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