Friday, May 27, 2011

laurel denise is away

It fills me with happiness (and terror?) to put this message up and to really, really follow it. The "very little internet and phone access" part especially:

"hello! thanks for writing laurel denise! laurel is out of the office taking a small vacation this holiday weekend and will be back on june 2nd. there will be very little internet and phone access, but we'll get back to you as soon as we return to the office - thanks for your patience as we take a little breather!"

I'm leaving, y'all, and I'm not bringing my laptop. This is huge news. Huge. I think I brought my laptop to my wedding. Seriously. Last time I did this was when I took a vacation to Maine last August (bliss!) and that was accidentally. I left my Blackberry in the car and might have had a panic attack about it once in the airport. Once again, seriously. Cute Husband and I will be relaxing on the beautiful beaches of sunny Florida for a few days, attending a wedding and just recharging. I intend to read (a lot) and just relax (a lot) and come back focused and energized! Catch you fine folks next week!

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