Wednesday, June 1, 2011

we heart you, too, c-ville mag

Well, well, well, as if vacation weren't sweet enough! Coming home to this lovely article on yours truly and my little jewelry creations is just icing on the cupcake of a life, I tell you. Thanks, C-ville Mag and your wonderful peeps (like this one) for including me in your publication. Consider me blushing. Like, a lot.

ps: Marcy took that picture. She's the best. Duh. Styled it, propped it, and somehow managed to make my hair flip just so despite my lack of a blow dry that particular day (or any particular day...oops).


  1. aw, shucks. :) you're a delight to photograph!

    and, what jedd said.

  2. Perfect! And congratulations on the write-up! Exciting and well deserved.

  3. you guys are the most awesome :) thanks so much for the sweet comments!

  4. How exciting!!! I agree with Jedd and Marcy!

  5. aw yay! love that pic lol!!