Wednesday, May 11, 2011

stationery show city

We're big-time gearing up for the stationery show coming up over here, friends. Like, big time. Postcards and paper punching and stamping and email writing and catalog designing and just doing everything ever in the whole wide world to get our bums in gear it seems (ps: I'm never dramatic). It's been busy, but guys, seriously, these little calendars are just happy. The colors (colors!!), the pattern (pattern!!) and just the overall readiness of them is great. They sort of make me squeal when I look at them. The many late nights (and early mornings) have been worth it this week. I think you guys will really like this 2012 version and I hope the wholesale buyers I meet this weekend will, too.

If you happen to be a wholesale buyer or an editor and want to come on by and see the new goods this weekend, me and Cute Husband (that's right, friends, he's coming with me!) will be in booth 1870 at the stationery show from May 15-18. We'll be hanging with our Figs & Ginger friends who, I'm not kidding, are launching some of the cah-uuuutest new products ever.


  1. These are going to be so cool!!!

  2. LOVE the colors!! Can't wait to sport a LD 2012 planner! :)

  3. I would like to place my pre-order now. :) Once again, I will probably get all teary from the joy.