Friday, May 20, 2011

what to wear no. 052011

Hey, wow, remember that time I left for NYC to do the Stationery Show and I sort of kind of thought I put a little post up here about that little absence and then I get back and realize that I did no such thing? I guess that happened. Um, so, hi? I'm back! It was a lovely trip, filled with wonderful show hanging outs with this fabulous gal and this super fun and awesome couple and showing the 2012 Planner to some really great buyers and I even got some great NYC-time in with Cute Husband and our NYC friends. Now it's time to move into the gym because, wow, I know everyone knows that New York has great food, but seriously, y'all, New York has great food. Also great shopping. Like, great shopping. So I now own that lovely blue skirt up there. I bought it because when I tried it on, I sort of felt like I still had my pajamas on. And anytime that happens, I consider it an absolute must purchase. No questions asked.

ps: Sweet Nole featured my booth and peeks of the 2012 Planner on her blog! Yay! I heart Oh So Beautiful Paper. I'll post more about the booth and such next week, but if you want a little peek, go here.

pps!: Sorry. Forgot to write this. I'm going to the Craftacular Sale tonight. You all should, too. That's all. No more ps things.

skirt | tank top | sandals | laurel denise shine necklace

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