Friday, February 17, 2012

recent finds: 021712

No. 1: So, I guess these lunchboxes are for kids? Yeah? But, really, I'd rock this thing every single lunch time if given the chance. Even though I don't pack lunches...since I work from home and my kitchen is about ten steps and a hop over our super official shipping station on the floor from where I sit most of each day.

No. 2: Do you know that Cute Husband and I have numbers for each other? Our birth dates. They are everywhere in our house. Every. Where. Seriously. We're kind of obsessed. And I like these illustrated ones by Paul Thurlby I wonder what number sweet baby girl will have to add into the mix. I'm sure it will be perfect and adorable and sweet because, duh,
everything about her is. Right? Right.

No. 3: Here's the thing. These chocolate bars are heaven in chocolate. I'm convinced. Marcy and I scoured the NYC Whole Foods for them last week because maybe we had a piece (or five) of these little guys every single day of the NY Gift Show in August (no big deal) and we couldn't find them. It was pregnancy meltdown time in the bakery section, let me tell you. My taste buds were longing (
longing, I tell you!) for the salty and sweet goodness. How could Whole Foods deny this emotional and hungry pregnant lady? But they were no where to be found.

No. 4: Well, hey there, adorable heart print. You fill me with happiness and might be just
perfect for sweet baby girl's nursery. I suppose I've got to put some sort of pink in there among the greys, right?

No. 5: Straws with hearts on them, people. Hearts! Happiness sips.

No. 6: Ummm...happiest cutting boards ever. These might actually make me excited about, you know, spending time cutting things in the kitchen? Maybe?


  1. you found the chocolate!!! delight!

    and that heart print is perfect for baby girl's room. sweetness.