Saturday, February 25, 2012

recent favorite finds: no. 022412

No. 1: These cards by Kathryn Whyte are so very, very sweet. I saw these in O'Suz in Charlottesville a few days ago and had to buy a few - they are even better in person. The paper! The simple and elegant script! Just perfect.

No. 2: You guys. I'm having a love affair with these pens. Tiny writers, unite!

No. 3: Oh my, what a fabulous clutch you have, my dear! (posted here first)

No. 4: I'm not sure what I need you for, little gold and white bowl, but I'm pretty sure that I do in fact need you. Bad.

No. 5: You are fabulous, little beautiful journal. And you're lined, which makes you doubly cool.

No. 6: This is a diaper bag. For real. Also, I love it.

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